12 Reaons To Download Millionaire MBA Today

1. 30+ hours of carefully structured professional development and business mentoring for entrepreneurs.

2. 90%+ of the material is from award-winning self-made millionaire entrepreneurs. The rest is narration introducing the entreprenerus.

3. 25 entrepreneurs from businesses worth between $750m and $1m.

4. 4 experts including authors of the two best selling business books of the last five years:, The Beermat Entrepreneur (Mike Southon) and The Naked Leader (David Taylor),; also personal achievement guru Nigel Risner and networking expert, Thomas Power, Chairman of e-cademy.

5. 7 women and 18 men.

6. Entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries including: retail, catering, internet businesses, financial services, restaurateurs, professional services, networking, manufacturing, carpets, fitness centres, venture capital, software, clothing …

7. Part 1 is structured into 20 convenient daily lessons of 30 – 45 minutes duration focused on the key elements of the mindset.

8. Part 2 contains focused insights into each of the entrepreneurs to reinforce Part 1 and gives you highly memorable accounts from role models.

9. The course comes in two formats: 24 audio CDs or MP3 download. MP3 will play on most computers and laptops and can be transferred onto your iPOD or MP3 player. Choose the format that is most convenient for you that you will find easy to listen to while you are on the move or if you want to listen to the material while at work.

10. The programme has been developed using Neuro Linguistic Programming methods to maximise your attention, retention and ability to implement what you have learned.

11. You will complete an exercise each day – some written, others real-life tasks that have DIRECT BUSINESS BENEFITS (100 page easy-to-use workbook to cement the lessons and full of fascinating extra material and insights).

12. Designed to have an impact on your thinking and on your business STRAIGHT AWAY.

In total you'll be professionally mentored for over 30 hours by 22 men and 7 women - all of whom have achieved millionaire status at their own hands. Over 8 weeks you'll be exposed to over 1,000 elements of sound advice, ingenious techniques and solid business building strategies.