Mentoring Sessions in Detail

Here are the 44 mentoring sessions in full detail -- a total of 25 hours, 16 minutes and 23 seconds.

Week 1

Day 1 Millionaire Mindset 49min : 55sec

Discover what entrepreneurs consider to be the ‘Millionaire Mindset’. Learn the 12 essential traits all self-made millionaire entrepreneurs have in common - and start thinking this way too.

Day 2 Millionaire Difference 61min : 56sec

Learn what each entrepreneur considers to be their own ‘unique difference’. Note when you listen to this day how similar their responses are – see the consistent theme running in each of their answers. In today’s exercise in the workbook learn how you can develop these same traits.

Day 3 Motivation 31min : 05sec

In Day 3, discover what is the driving motivation for entrepreneurs. Learn how you can create your own ‘magnificent obsession’ which will push you through obstacle after obstacle, until you reach your end goals

Day 4 Secret of Success 27min : 52sec

Learn what entrepreneurs consider to be the secret of their success. This day reinforces the messages from Days 1 and 2, but adds a new layer to explain exactly what it is that makes entrepreneurs successful, and what you need to do to repeat their success. Remember, you’ll hear this in the original words and voices of 29 entrepreneurs

Day 5 Dealing with Failure 30min : 53sec

In Day 5 we deal early in the course with failure, the inevitable factor which is guaranteed to come your way! With the help of your team of mentors you’ll learn to embrace failure and see it for the opportunity creator that it is

Week 2

Day 6 Habits & Systems 33min : 42sec

Today you’ll be shown how to maximize the benefit of systems and how to turn your bad habits into good ones. It’s your habits that determine your success, so you better have winning habits if you want winning results.

Day 7 Self Belief 35min : 26sec

In Day 7 you’ll learn what is the single difference between those who achieve extraordinary results and those who don’t.

Day 8 Risk Taking 31min : 41sec

You’ll learn today how to use risk to reach your goals. You’ll know precisely at the end of today if it’s risks that entrepreneurs take, or if it’s something else

Day 9 Fears & Doubts 26min : 40sec

Today you’ll hear from your 29 mentors how to eliminate ALL doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. There is no room for any of these in creating and growing a successful business – and after today, you will be unstoppable!

Day 10 Persistence 28min : 33sec

Today we examine the subject of persistence -- an essential trait of entrepreneurs and one you cannot be without. Expect today to develop a persistent drive that will ban you from accepting no for an answer.

Week 3

Day 11 Communication 33min : 08sec

Learn today how entrepreneurs use words, emotion and language to influence and persuade customers, employees and investors. It’s often not what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference. At the end of today, you’ll have sharpened your communication skills and will see a dramatic difference in your daily results.

Day 12 People & Teams 35min : 16sec

In Day 12 today, you will learn about people and teams. Your success in business will come down to the people you surround yourself with and the teams you can create. Learn today how to create winning teams and how to inspire others to share your drive and determination.

Day 13 Goals & Focus 30min : 40sec

You’ll learn today what is the number 1 reason that sets successful entrepreneurs (and other high achievers) apart from others. There is no getting away from the fact that entrepreneurs who have clear written goals can achieve all that they set out to achieve. It’s a simple truth, but one that is often overlooked.

Day 14 Stress & Pressure 29min : 23sec

Your mentors today will show you how to eliminate stress and pressure. There are simple actions that entrepreneurs take to make sure that they are always on top of their game and do not get bogged down with the pressures of business. Listen today as they tell you their proven methods.

Day 15 Time Management 28min : 43sec

Learn today how to maximize the most precious recourse you’ll have as an entrepreneur – time! Discover how entrepreneurs can achieve more in 24 hours than many others can in 24 days or even 24 weeks!

Week 4

Day 16 Networking 37min : 40sec

Today, in Day 16 you’ll be shown the value of networking and tapping into the resource and connections other people have. Your own personal network has tremendous value, and therefore it is essential you know how to create, develop and make the most if it.

Day 17 Business Heroes 34min : 58sec

Day 17 is a great day to sit back and enjoy, as each entrepreneur will share with you their own ‘defining moment’ as well as sharing with you who they consider to be their ‘business hero’. In today’s exercise you’ll personally examine other entrepreneurs and understand the value of modeling.

Day 18 Leverage 33min : 52sec

Today’s subject is Leverage – a much misunderstood subject, but one which entrepreneurs have mastered. Learn how to use OPE, OPM and OPT to your advantage and never look back again!

Day 19 Fundamentals 35min : 15sec

In this penultimate day for Part 1 of Millionaire MBA each entrepreneur will share with you one gem of advice that they consider to be their ‘fundamental rule of business’. At the end of today, you’ll know the SIX main fundamentals of business.

Day 20 Making A Million 30min : 11sec

Finally, Day 20 brings the course together by offering the entrepreneurs’ advice on ‘how to make a million’. If followed, their simple but essential rules are sure to help you reach your first million (or second, or third… You set your own limits!).

Week 5

Day 21 Simon Woodroffe 33min : 35sec

Simon Woodroffe OBE (of BBC's Dragons' Den) explains how to build one of the most outrageous and biggest brands – starting at the age of 40 after getting divorced and with next to no capital or previous track record as an entrepreneur.

Day 22 Lord Bilimoria 37min : 39sec

Lord Bilimoria describes how to create a revolutionary new product that will dominate an industry. He knows because he did it even when everybody said he had zero chance of succeeding.

Day 23 Julie Meyer 37min : 55sec

Julie Meyer walks you through global start-ups and her experience starting a company simultaneously in 17 countries, and then selling it to start a VC business.

Day 24 Sir Tom Hunter 29min : 36sec

Sir Tom Hunter shares his secrets on how to sell a business for a spectacular sum. He should know! Tom started selling shoes from the back of his car and ended up selling his business for over £280m, making him Scotland's richest man

Day 25 Ivan Massow 28min : 09sec

Ivan Massow (of Channel 4's Make Me a Million) will tell you how you can start a business from scratch. He started his company from a squat (a communal house with NO facilities). Ivan doesn't pull any punches and you'll learn why there are NO excuses in business.

Week 6

Day 26 Lena Bjorck 36min : 34sec

Lena Bjorck reveals her inner secrets so that you can build unstoppable confidence. Be prepared to be amazed by her inspiration. Through pure grit and determination, and with only a tiny amount of "seed money", Lena has overcome every imaginable obstacle to cater for the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the UK.

Day 27 Duncan Bannatyne 37min : 24sec

Duncan Bannatyne OBE (of BBC's Dragons' Den) explains his repeatable formulas for success and explains why he is a successful entrepreneur – when his brothers are not. Duncan decided at the age of 30 that he was going to become a millionaire. He is now worth over \A3130m and has 4 multi-million companies behind him.

Day 28 Glenda Stone 37min : 06sec

Glenda Stone is pure inspiration for anyone who wants to break into the corporate world. She created a whole new market for women in business…a sector that never existed until she made it happen.

Day 29 Mark Marsland 29min : 05sec

Mark Marsland is the ultimate entrepreneur. You'll be inspired (and enlightened) by his personal odyssey from paid labourer to owner of his own hugely successful company – ALL whilst doing the one thing he loves: fishing!

Day 30 Chris Huges 41min : 52sec

Chris Hughes shows you the golden rule of business. Chris took the bold leap from corporate world to entrepreneur and will reveal the real reason his new company has been able to dominate his industry.

Week 7

Day 31 James Minter 31min : 52sec

James Minter shows you what you need to change if you are serious and want to become a successful entrepreneur. At one time, James was an officer in the Royal Navy. With no previous business experience at all, he created one of London’s most prestigious private members' clubs and serviced office complexes.

Day 32 Elena Souto 35min : 15sec

Elena Souto teaches you what YOU need to do to replicate her meteoric success. Elena previously worked in an office and decided one day that she wanted to start her own business – selling lingerie for bigger breasted women! Elena’s talent was soon spotted and she won award after award for her business.

Day 33 Luke Johnson 38min : 35sec

Luke Johnson demonstrates his unique way of excelling as a capitalist investor and entrepreneur. One of the UK’s most respected restaurateurs, Luke now owns many of London’s most desirable restaurants and is regarded not only as an extraordinary entrepreneur, but also as an exceptionally talented investor.

Day 34 Debbie Burke 32min : 57sec

Debbie Burke will captivate you as she explains exactly what it will take for you to have a multi-million pound (dollar) company like hers even if you've just been laid off. Debbie started her successful recruitment company with a credit card and a \A310,000 credit line when the company she was working for collapsed.

Day 35 Lord Harris 30min : 31sec

Lord Harris describes in detail the nuts and bolts of building a successful company. Lord Harris left school at 15 to run the family business when his father died. Lord Harris is dyslexic but has used it to his advantage and has been recognised by the Queen for his contributions to charities.

Week 8

Day 36 Sir Christopher Evans 32min : 22sec

Sir Christopher Evans gives you a unique insider's view of what it takes to take 20 companies public (float on the stock exchange). Sir Christopher is one of the UK’s most respected Bioscience entrepreneurs…and after this interview you will never doubt that there is a millionaire mindset.

Day 37 Stephen Streater 29min : 02sec

Stephen Streater went to Cambridge but abandoned his Phd (advanced degree) to create the company that spawned Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Stephen has since sold most of his shares in that company and has gone on to repeat his success in a new venture. Listen in on his secrets and learn how you can do the same.

Day 38 Michael Smith 39min : 08sec

Michael Smith will share with you the highs and lows of his journey and provide you with a framework so that you can enjoy the highs and skip the lows. Michael started Firebox, a boys toys company, in the heat of the Internet boom. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Michael didn't get burned and Firebox is one of the few that has stood the test of time…and profits.

Day 39 Tim Etchells 29min : 06sec

Tim Etchells shares the timeless lessons and universal theories he lives by as a well-known and respected entrepreneur operating at the highest level in the exhibition industry. Tim spells out word-by-word what you need to do to replicate his level of success.

Day 40 Nick Wheeler 27min : 20sec

Nick Wheeler started his company while still at university. After a brief spell as a management consultant, Nick became an entrepreneur again and has never looked back. Nick shows you how to build a phenomenally strong business year on year – and develop the inner mindset you need to make it happen.

Week 9

Day 41 Special Feature 1 67min : 25sec

Chris Gorman OBE. Chris is a phenomenal serial entrepreneur and is recognised as Richard Branson’s favourite entrepreneur. In this 63 minute interview, the former investor behind The Gadget Shop and Birthday's Greeting Cards, reveals his 12 lessons in business that have propelled him to a net worth of over £350m (all by the age of 37).

Day 42 Special Feature 2 47min : 38sec

David Taylor. David is the leading international author of The Naked Leader – a landmark book on leadership. David strips bare the mindset of self-made millionaires and shares his thoughts on how you can reprogramme your mind for business success.

Day 43 Special Feature 3 34min : 03sec

Mike Southon. Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of the best selling book, The Beermat Entrepreneur, Mike shares his thoughts on a fast and low cost approach to prototyping a new business idea. This is a priceless session and will give the tools to immediately get started.

Day 44 Special Feature 4 35min : 15sec

Angus Clacher. Angus' story is the dream entrepreneurial story – leaving his job to start a business with friends. This wise, wonderful professional was recently able to sell his shares in the company he formed and walk away a millionaire after only 4 years.

The most successful people in the world in any discipline have their own mentors and coaches. Fast track your own business success and be professionally mentored (at your own convenience) by 29 of the UK's leading self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.