NLP At The Heart of Millionaire MBA

Millionaire MBA is based on the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

NLP uses the practice of modelling successful people and introducing new language patterns to reprogramme new skills into others.

Modelling is widely recognised as the shortest route to success.

Millionaire MBA is specifically designed to be studied little and often over 2 months and is very similar to learning a new language.

By taking this gradual approach and working through the specifically designed exercises in the workbook, Millionaire MBA reverses the years of negative employee programming and replaces your thought patterns with millionaire thinking.

By thinking differently as en entrepreneur, you will act differently like an entrepreneur and the results you start to achieve will be significantly different.

At the end of 8 weeks, you will have the right mindset to build a million pound company.

Millionaire MBA is structured in two parts: Masterclass Sessions (Days 1-20) and Mentor Interviews (Day 21-40).

Part 1, Masterclass develops your thinking in specific subject areas such as risk, fear, failure and leverage - where as Part 2, Mentor Interviews develops your awareness of each entrepreneur and the way they think individually and collectively.

Part 2 reinforces the learning from Part 1 and cements this into your subconscious mind.

By listening to the daily audio sessions and working through the exercises in the workbook you will gradually start to reprogramme your mind for entrepreneurial success.

Don't expect this new way of thinking to happen overnight, but do expect to think differently with the mind of a millionaire at the end of 8 weeks.

Millionaire MBA also includes 4 Special Feature Sessions which reinforce the learning from the Masterclass and Mentor Interviews, literally hard-wiring this new way of thinking into your mind. These can be listened to at any time during the course.

Here's just a little of what you'll learn in the 40 day mentoring programme:

  • Understand the practical steps to building a million pound business (Day 20)

  • Uncover the 12 elements of the Millionaire Mindset (Day 1 – Special Feature CD 2)

  • Learn how to find a winning business idea (Day 1)

  • Develop your self-belief and eliminate self doubt (Day 7)

  • Conquer your fears and limiting beliefs (Day 9)

  • Discover what entrepreneurs admire in other successful people (Day 17)

  • Learn the fundamentals of business (Day 19)

  • Discover the power of leverage in developing your business (Day 18)

  • Break free from unprofitable employee thinking (Day 2)

  • Discover the ultimate key to success (Day 4)

  • Unleash the power of goals (Day 13)

  • Develop your confidence to start a business (Day 7)

  • Develop you own plan for business success (Day 20)

  • Understand entrepreneurs' approach to risk (Day 8)

  • Learn how to fast prototype a business idea (Special Feature CD 3)

  • Benefit from daily mentor sessions (Days 21-40)

  • Learn the 12 lessons in entrepreneurship from a £50m serial entrepreneur (Special Feature CD 1)

  • Learn how to build the right team around you (Day 12)

  • Learn to develop your greatest asset – your mind (Days 1 – 40)

  • And much more...

Millionaire MBA uses the principles of NLP to model the language, attitudes and beliefs and of successful self-made millionaire entrepreneurs. By using a little and often learning approach (30 mins a day over 40 days), Millionaire MBA helps reprogramme a new entrepreneurial language / millionaire mindset in you.