Customer Testimonials

A Winner

"This is a True Winner!! There is no substitute for learning from those that have actually achieved greatness.

Listening to each person and the qualities they possess instills in me the confidence to move forward to pursue my dreams. The workbook can not be taken for granted. This tool will definetely make everything concrete. It reinforces the audio course and the excercises are designed to stretch your mind.

The workbook asks the tough questions and gives you an opportunity to look inside yourself for answers. I will definetely pursue this course until the end!! Thank you for this incredible resource." -- Rhea, from Thornton, CO, USA

Hear it from the horse's mouth

"This is an outstanding product, quite distinct from anything else on the market, presenting in their own words the attitudes, experiences, views and advice of 25 of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK. These are people who have 'walked the walk' and are supremely qualified to 'talk the talk'.

The highlights for me are the conviction and enthusiasm conveyed by each contributor with every word, and the breadth of background, personality and experience which they represent.

This breadth makes it much easier to imagine yourself becoming one of them as you will recognize some of your own personality traits and experiences among such a wide range of people, and helps to dispel the myth that there is only one type of 'Entrepreneur Personality' the lack of which prevents you from achieving success in your own business."

If you are feeling an inclination to start your own business or simply want to build a more positive, can-do attitude then this is excellent value for money." -- wfc3, from Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

Forces You to Think Bigger

"It forces you to think bigger - it elevates you to a new plane of thinking and broadens your mind..." -- Kevin Henry (Ireland)

Tells you HOW to do it

"I've read Rich Dad Poor Dad, Napoleon Hill,(and) One Minute Millionaire - but they do not tell you HOW to do it - Millionaire MBA Businss Mentoring Programme does." -- Enitan Kane

Excellent +++

This is an excellent programme and audio book. For anyone that is interested in starting a new business or injecting new ideas into an existing one, this is a must have.

It is a great blend of information, teaching and real life interviews. I am learning so much new information and the workbook is making me think about business ideas in a fresh exciting way.

The use of NLP would make Richard Bandler proud. If you have ever thought of starting you own business, get this programme." -- Louise, from Ipswich, United Kingdom

A Must Have For Any Entrepreneur

"I have been in business for myself for 6 years now after 25 years in the Corporate world. Recently I decided to tackle a new venture and the Business Mentoring Programme CDs by Millionaire MBA fell into my lap at the absolute right time.

Being a Nightingale-Conant junkie it has been my mind set to cut the learning curve by going to school on those "in-the-know".

At first I thought your CD a little pricey. However, I was wrong because they are truly an unsurpassed wealth of information. Really Richard - the line-up you have with the years/decades of experience being shared is well worth the price.

A must have for any entrepreneur's library." -- Bill Robertson NM, USA

Highly Recommended to Business Owners

"I found that being able to dip in and out of interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs and balancing that with a personal development course has created a flexible and unique product which I would recommend to business owners and anyone striving for excellence." -- Karl George MBE, Director, Andersons KSB and Author of Most People Only Try, I Make Sure

What every would-be entrepreneur is looking for

"If, like me, you you have read and listened to numerous books / cd's on the subject and still been left with many unanswered questions, then this is the program for you. Richard has included a wealth of information with real life examples and advice from highly successful people.

The program is full of ideas and information you just don't find in other text books and cd's. I've had more business ideas in the past week than at any other time in my life and I've only completed Week 1!!!

If you are interested in this subject then this is the course for you. Highly recommended, 5 stars." -- Rich Y P, from Worksop, United Kingdom

Excellent value for money!

"Excellent value for money, brings key messages of many of the world's greatest motivational and personal development gurus together in one superb programme.

All this complimented by being able to listen to over 20 entrepreneurs tell us in their own words how they have applied these theories in building their own successful businesses.

Short, sharp daily sessions of approx 30 minutes ensure that even the busiest people can manage to keep their commitment to completing the 40 day course." -- Darren Greenan, Amletheka Ltd (Ireland)


"This is a great audio! The " Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme" is a must for the budding Entrepreneur. Not knowing much about the author, I was not sure what I was going to get. But I took a gamble and boy was I surprised.

This audio system will have you wanting every week to finish the "programme". Very well developed and "real" information. No fluff!

If you are in search of a great audio programme to help you focus on your business or pre-business, this is one course that will not let your down!" -- lalincoln1, from Long Beach, CA, USA

Inspirational and Practical

"I listened to each CD twice - once on the way to work and once on the way back. It is very inspiring and educational. It is different to other courses as it's built around the views of real life entrepreneurs who explain in their own words how they have been there and done it, rather than the voice of one person." -- John C. (Essex)

Delivers Well Beyond its Promise

"I too like to listen to courses when I'm driving and I was very pleased to find a programme made in the UK and featuring well known, proven business people.

The content of this programme is without a doubt the best I have heard and the thoughts and ideas flowed to such a degree that I had to take a dictaphone with me to record them.

I would say that the Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme is a must for serious entrepreneurs and not just for people who are starting out but those of us who have been around a while but like to keep fresh.

It's a great achievement which delivers well beyond its promise." -- JC, Hampshire, UK

A Great Course

"I have found the course very enlightening and challenging. Only this morning as I was listening to Day 20, all the thinking and looking for opportunities seemed to open up, and a fledgling - but great idea came to me which I will now begin working up over the next few days and weeks. I will be listening to the additional CD on prototyping the business tonight!

Many thanks for a great course." -- Paul O. (Nottingham)

Play CDs over and over again

"What's different about Millionaire MBA is that you get the chance to learn from 25 entrepreneurs who have already built successful million pound businesses. I'll be playing these CDs many times over." -- Stuart W. (Wales)

Cheaper than you imagined!

"The Millionaire MBA is truly wonderful.

I expected it to be "good" - and interesting to hear so many entrepreneurs in one place - but I found it to be exceptional, really well structured and somehow accessible to someone starting out whilst (I would imagine) valuable to successful entrepreneurs at the same time.

Definitely a labour of love and beautiful for it.

If you have not already looked - look and buy it straight away (It's far cheaper than I imagined too)." -- Tom "Big Picture" Ball

No book, seminar or single person audio programme can come close to the insights delivered by the 29 entrepreneurs featured in Millionaire MBA -- 29 entrepreneurs who you will have 'on tap' as your own personal coaches.

An Independent Review by Tom Butler Bowden

Millionaire MBA (2004) - Richard Parkes Cordock (a commentary by Tom Butler-Bowdon author of 50 Success Classics)

There is no doubt that having a solid understanding of finance, marketing, sales and other core subjects taught in any business book or business school are important in running your own business. But the real key that sets true entrepreneurs apart is the millionaire mindset.

It is often said that the real value in becoming a millionaire is the journey it takes to get there. Self-made millionaires do not achieve success without stretching themselves, operating outside their comfort zone, or suffering setbacks and failures.

In a nutshell

Great wealth and success begins with a mindset that anyone can adopt.

In a similar vein

  • Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

  • Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  • David Schwartz The Magic of Thinking Big

  • Thomas P Stanley The Millionaire Mind

The question of what makes a person successful has always seemed a little mysterious. While sceptics put success down to either good luck or connections, romantics imagine a halo around anyone who does well, as if they were 'born' to succeed.

The truth is that success, particularly of the entrepreneurial business variety, can be studied like anything else, and there are a growing number of books and programmes that reveal the fundamentals. Of these, Richard Parkes Cordock's audio programme, Millionaire MBA, based on the neuro-linguistic programming idea of 'modelling', is among the best. Modelling holds that the fastest way to learn anything is to study and copy those who are already a success in the same task or field, and Millionaire MBA easily succeeds in its aim to demonstrate that success does not only leaves clues, it leaves a veritable manifesto for anyone who is prepared to look.

Parkes Cordock had read and loved Napoleon Hill's classic 1937 work Think and Grow Rich, but felt there was a missing link between the theory of entrepreneurial success and the practice. He set about interviewing 25 of Britain's most celebrated entrepreneurs, asking them to describe what he calls the 'millionaire mindset'. How had they thought differently than the rest? The answers provide a journey into the creative business mind that will engross anyone even mildly interested in how an idea becomes an enterprise, and among the hundreds of tips may be the vital insight you need to move from mediocrity to millionaire-dom.

More than the money

Introduced by French economist JB Say in around 1800, the word 'entrepreneur' strictly means to 'shift economic resources out of an area of lower and into an area of higher productivity and greater yield'. In finding and adding value where there was none before, entrepreneurs engage in an essentially creative activity.

The motivation to have more money will always be a major element in a person's desire to go into business for themselves, but it is not the only motivation. As Julie Meyer, the founder of First Tuesday and Ariadne Capital, notes, entrepreneurs are driven by the need to solve a problem. They begin with a dissatisfaction at the way things are, then think constantly about how something can be done better. Though money is important early on, after a certain point it is the freedom to put ideas into play that matters most - even to change the world in some way, to leave a mark. Wealth simply becomes the by-product of a mission to create fantastic value through your own thoughts and enterprise.

Most will look at the successful entrepreneur and say 'she did it to get rich', but as is noted in the Millionaire MBA many times, the larger motivation for starting new businesses is commonly to have a fuller, more exciting life instead of just going through the motions 'o be in charge of one's destiny. Being an entrepreneur stretches you to achieve things you never dreamed possible, because it requires the development of tenacity, discipline, communications skills and many other attributes you may not have developed if you were just sitting in a nine-to-five job.

Different worlds: employee and entrepreneur

One of Millionaire MBA's themes is the distinction between the employee mindset and the millionaire mindset. To the employee, starting a business can look like a nightmarish trip into insecurity, but Parkes Cordock's programme tries to show that it is the employee, with their income from only one source and with the possibility of losing their job suddenly - not the entrepreneur - who is taking the real risk. Having been fired twice, Parkes Cordock himself discovered this the hard way.

The employee mindset is to be overly cautious; everything has to be planned, and you don't leave one job until another is lined up. It is about living within your comfort zone all the time, not investing in yourself. As David Taylor, author of The Naked Leader puts it, the main difference between the mindset of the employee and that of the entrepreneur is that while the employee is focused on their pension, the entrepreneur is focused on their passion. The notion of 'life-work balance' is meaningless to self-made millionaires, because their work and life are all one. It is only employees who believe that 'life' is something that happens out of working hours.

Parkes Cordock asked the interviewees, how did you know your business would work?

Most answer, 'I didn't know'. For any new idea or product there is no existing market, so often you have to make a judgment that you can create a market with your product or service. People believe entrepreneurs take great risks, but the ones interviewed do not see it this way. Their confidence is based on knowledge and experience, which they are willing to trust. Many have great ideas, but few are willing to back them, and this is another feature of the millionaire mindset the courage of one's convictions. If you listen only to professional advisers, one interviewee notes, you will only be quite successful. Great success comes from trusting yourself.

Entrepreneurial reality

In one of the more original metaphors, serial entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne suggests that 'Being an entrepreneur is very much like being a mother'. Great entrepreneurs have a maternal instinct in that their business is like their baby, and the passion they feel for their business is the same as the love a mother feels for her child. She has the self-belief that she knows what is best for her child, and will do anything to keep them healthy.

Compare this depth of commitment to the mindset of the employee. When much less is at stake, much less will be achieved. When a person becomes an entrepreneur, the realization that they are now master of their own time has a liberating effect, and they will work any amount of hours or eat baked beans for a year in order to survive and prosper. When your business is at stake, you cannot take 'no' for answer. You develop discipline, stamina, and persistence for the long haul, and though you work according to a vision, you live with a new sense of reality which comes from closeness to the marketplace. You quickly learn that if you don't have sales, you don't have a business. You work on the product first, not the marketing, and cut costs to the bone. You are constantly reminded that 'cash is king'.

Raising a child is not easy, nor is building a business, but the rewards can be tremendous. The fruit of your labours will delight, but it is what you learned about yourself in the process that is truly precious.

Final comments

What makes the Millionaire MBA exciting is the self-told stories of the entrepreneurs. We look at a successful person in business and think they have sprung into the world fully-formed, but Parkes Cordock's programme shows they were just like everyone else, trying and failing at various ventures before finding a winning combination. While passion, persistence, vision, belief and courage are mentioned as vital attributes of the millionaire mindset (along with a bit of luck), the subjects also note that these qualities can be adopted by anyone. A further surprising secret emerges: what separates these multi-millionaires them from their friends or peers was simply the willingness to 'have a go'. Many have excellent ideas for new businesses, but those who actually launch them are always in the minority.

In his landmark book The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz noted that the main characteristic of successful people was simply the size of their dreams. No more effort was required to think big instead of small, the author reasoned, therefore you may as well have larger expectations which are so compelling that they have to be fulfilled. If nothing else, Millionaire MBA shows you that the biggest things standing in the way of your success are mental. You don't necessarily need a lot of capital, you don't need a lot of staff, you don't even need a business plan; what is required above all else is a mindset which allows you to believe in your success even before it is realized. While thoughts and attitudes are free, they are also our greatest capital, and Parkes Cordock's conclusion is that successful entrepreneurs think differently.

Though more expensive than a book, the programme is cheaper than many training courses, and should be bought by anyone considering starting out on their own; if you are already in business, you will find invaluable inspiration, tools and advice on how to grow your business to a higher level. The interviewees may be British, but the themes which emerge are timeless and universal.

Millionaire MBA 'overdelivers', providing a huge amount of information and ideas, including Parkes Cordock's 12 elements in the millionaire mindset, and extended conversations with motivational gurus such as Mike Southon, the 'Beermat Entrepreneur', and the 'Naked Leader' David Taylor. As a package, the programme is slick and professional. The 25 hour Millionaire MBA is presented on Audio CDs or MP3 CDs and includes a 100 page workbook. In any format the programme is a delight to work through.

This is one personal development programme that you can enjoy as well as being enlightened by. -- Tom Butler-Bowdon 2005


"Gets to the heart of the mindset.

It's not often I speak so highly of a programme, however this really is exceptional and truly gets down to the core of the mindset. A heartfelt thanks for creating it." -- Victoria J. (Slough)

Inspirational and Practical

"The best way to learn is from real people who've been there and done it. Whether it's reading what they've written or listening to what they have to say, it's a fast track way to being smarter and wiser.

The Millionaire MBA provides inspiration and practical advice from the people who have walked the talk." -- Rachael Stock, Senior Commissioning Editor and Publisher, Pearsons

My mindset and beliefs have changed

"I'd like to congratulate you on an amazing program. Each day and week has got amazing insights into the mindset and skills of entrepreneurs. I know i've learnt more useful skills in the past few months than at any previous study in my life. I also understand the huge importance of continuous self development and have begun to build up a library at home. I've found the course highlights many other books and cd's to read and listen too e.g Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad series, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy to name but a few i've purchased and read along the duration of the course.

My mindset and beliefs have changed over the past few months and I find myself open to many new idea's I previously wouldn't have listened too, I also see opportunities where previously I wouldn't have. I've started applying many of the ideas i've come across.

I found the case studies particularly interesting and uplifting and the stories put everything in context so well and provide a lot of motivation and food for thought.

Again thanks for creating a wonderful course which is enabling me to become who I want to be and achieve all my dreams, aspirations and goals with the upmost certainty." -- R.Peters - UK

Listened to it a dozen times!

"Each time I listen to the Millionaire MBA programme I gain further insights into the principles that create substantial achievement in business.

I'm sure I've listened to it at least a dozen times and each time there is something new.I now practice many of these principles in my business as well as with client businesses and this is creating amazing results.

Just one of them, for example, is up over 80% on last year and there are many other positive success stories." -- Brian James, Brian James Group

Started Own Business

"I wanted to personally thank you for the part you have played in helping me start my own business.

I bought the Millionaire MBA from you a couple of years ago. Since then I have listened to it 3 or 4 times, and have also bought Millionaire Upgrade.

On Friday I left my well paid job to start my own PR business. Today is Day One, something that was just a distant dream a few years ago.

I believe your products have helped to give me the confidence I needed to make this first step. Thank you again." -- Paul Green, Publicity Heaven

Zero to $1.7m in just one year!

"Your CDs have 'steered' me into another way of thinking as I come to the end of my first financial year with my first business.

I am happy to say that I went from a standing start last December to closing off at over $1.7M.

Unbelievable results (or should I say 'believable' results). Based on my original business plan, my partners and I have actually quadrupled our turnover! So, the pressure is on to continue.

Throughout the year I have adapted various principles from what I have bought, read and learnt from your material, so for that alone I am eternally grateful, thank you." -- Mike Kirk - (Pinnacle Commercial Solutions Ltd)

Imagine having a successful millionaire-entrepreneur as your partner … working alongside you, helping you build your business … warning you before you make mistakes … giving you simple ways to quick profits …

Imagine having someone like Duncan Bannatyne egging you on when your cash flow evaporates … or Sir Tom Hunter – Scotland’s richest man – telling you what to do as you gasp for orders after Christmas …

Or imagine having someone with the sheer drive of Simon Woodroffe sharing with you inside tips that bruising experience gave him – the attitude that propelled him to mega wealth, starting as late as 40 … Then imagine not just three such mentors – but 29!

Twenty nine who’ve been where you are – and done it. People like Lord Bilmoria, who built Cobra Beer when business “experts” said he was crazy … Or Lord Harris, who made two fortunes out of carpets. In fact, imagine such people mentoring you every day!

The short-cuts, the time saved, the money made, the ‘under the radar’ techniques their experience would bring you.