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Download the mentoring programme and immerse yourself in the world of self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.

When you order Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, you can 'download' the following 'business building' MP3 and PDF modules:

1. Part 1 of Millionaire MBA (10+ hours) - In these first 20 MP3 mentoring modules (30-40 minutes a day over 20 days), you will hear from all 29 mentors each day, as they train and develop your own millionaire thinking and decision making.

Part 1 includes: Day 1 Millionaire Mindset , Day 2 Millionaire Difference , Day 3 Motivation , Day 4 Secret of Success , Day 5 Dealing with Failure , Day 6 Habits & Systems , Day 7 Self Belief , Day 8 Risk Taking , Day 9 Fears & Doubts , Day 10 Persistence , Day 11 Communication , Day 12 People & Teams , Day 13 Goals & Focus , Day 14 Stress & Pressure , Day 15 Time Management , Day 16 Networking , Day 17 Leverage, Day 18 Business Heroes , Day 19 Fundamentals , Day 20 Making A Million

2. Part 2 of Millionaire MBA (12+ hours) - In the second 20 days of MP3 business mentoring (30-40 minutes a day over 20 days), you will hear from one entrepreneur per day, as you delve deeper into their own story, and hear exactly how they achieved the extraordinary results they have, and more importantly, how you can duplicate their success too.

Part 2 includes: Day 21 Simon Woodroffe , Day 22 Lord Bilimoria , Day 23 Julie Meyer , Day 24 Sir Tom Hunter , Day 25 Ivan Massow , Day 26 Lena Björck , Day 27 Duncan Bannatyne , Day 28 Glenda Stone , Day 29 Mark Marsland , Day 30 Chris Hughes, Day 31 James Minter, Day 32 Elena Souto, Day 33 Luke Johnson, Day 34 Debbie Burke, Day 35 Lord Harris, Day 36 Sir Christopher Evans, Day 37 Stephen Streater, Day 38 Michael Smith, Day 39 Tim Etchells, Day 40 Nick Wheeler.

3. 100 Page Printable Workbook. Get the most from your millionaire mentors with your 100 page printable PDF workbook. The workbook summarises each days learning and offer extra examples and illustrations, as well as setting you a practical daily exercises to make sure you apply the daily lessons back into your personal and business life.

4. 4 Special Feature Sessions (3+ hours). In these four special MP3 feature sessions, your mentorship will be taken to a higher level as entrepreneurs Mike Southon, David Taylor, Chris Gorman and Angus Clacher share with you their own proven lessons for building a million pound/dollar business - which you can take away and profitably use today.

5. Millionaire Upgrade Audio Book (3.5 hours). This spoken-word MP3 audio book is the perfect introduction and summary to the full business mentoring programme. In Millionaire Upgrade, you'll be reminded of the core principles of Millionaire MBA, but you'll hear them in the memorable, fascinating and addictive story of Tom McMillan and Michael Redford as they journey together on a flight which could change your life forever.

6. Millionaire Mentality Audio Book (2 hours). This valuable added bonus MP3 audio book examines the inner-thinking of self-made multi-millionaire business owners and compliments the advice, wisdom and mentorship you'll receive from your 29 millionaire mentors.

7. Interview with Legendary VC, Jon Moulton . This is a 20+ page PDF transcription of an interview with Jon Moulton, the legendary London based VC. Jon has invested in literally hundreds (if not thousands) of companies over the years, and knows more than most what makes a successful business.

8. 500 Pages of Printable Transcripts. As well as listening to Part 1 of Millionaire MBA, you can also read every word when you download over 500 pages of printable PDF transcripts. This valuable bonus offers another dimension to your learning, and makes Millionaire MBA an essential business building tool for both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

9. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Order Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme with total piece of mind. Millionaire MBA comes with a 100% risk-free 60-day no-quibble, money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you are not totally delighted with the insider, business building advice, mentorship and guidance you receive from your 29 millionaire business mentors, simply let us know within 60 days and you'll receive a full 100% money back refund.

10. 20 Minute Coaching Call. Speak directly and privately with the Creator of Millionaire MBA and discuss your own ambitions, goals, desires, fears and frustrations. Calls are conducted over Skype or Google Hangouts and can be scheduled anytime with 60 days of your purchase of Millionaire MBA.

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Download Millionaire MBA™ MP3 Edition today and reprogramme your mind to think with the 'millionaire mindset'. Simply copy the 40 days of MP3 mentoring sessions onto your MP3 player, iPhone or mobile phone and immerse yourself in the world of self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.

Recent Customer Feedback: #1

"After going through your program three times now, I believe that it works!

Every day I seem to model more and more of the entrepreneurs in the series.

In fact, it's gotten to the point where I started my own business and am doing fairly well in it, enough so that I have other highly successful entrepreneurs asking me to work with them. I went from having voice mentors (MMBA) to real mentors willing to invest their time to help achieve mutual success.

When I first started your program I actually achieve no results. I was thinking WTF? Doesn't this program promise the world? And I continued on my merry way (I think I was still emotionally resistant too at that time).

It wasn't until I released my inhibitions and embraced the thinking; more importantly, I put complete faith into this program and that is when it started to create real value for me.... But in order to get to even that point I knew I had to make a commitment to the program.

Since making that decision I have made great strides.

Currently I have not yet made a million dollars, but I make over 15K monthly, more money than I ever thought possible (and in 6 months I'll have a partnership that will propel me to a huge earning potential)

I couldn't have actually done what I have so far without your help! Thanks!"

With Regards,

N. (Canada)

Recent Customer Feedback: : #2

"I've just downloaded MBA programme, I can't wait!

I was at the lowest of all lows this morning, so low that my staff members told me I looked ill and suggested I went home for the afternoon. I wasn't ill, so to speak, but mentally exhausted. Exhausted from day to day work and not being able to live up to my goals and dreams!

I took off, refused to go home and just drove. I parked up at the Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow and just watched the planes take off.

I got my ipod out, where I randomly came across the book, 'Millionaire upgrade'. I don't even remember buying. So I just laid back, turned up the volume and just enjoyed the view and the wonderful audiobook.

Two hours later, I felt like a different person. I mean, I have read several self-development books, but none have ever hit home like that one.

It was ironic how I randomly decided to park up at the airport and spontaneously started listening to a novel that was set in a plane journey. It was an incredible journey for. I enjoyed every second of it.

When I heard the last bit of the audio, they let me know about the Millionaire MBA and it just struck a chord with me. I knew what I had to do. I drove home, and bought the program.

For someone who has set her mind on doing an MBA before hitting 30, but doesn't have the prior career experience to attend a University, nor the fees! This was a wonderful first step I needed to start my wonderful journey of life long learning.

I'll let you know how it is working out for me!

Thanks in advance!!"


Recent Customer Feedback: #3

"Hi, I'm one of the many aspiring individuals that have initiated the move from being an employee to an entrepreneur…. purely and solely thanks to Millionaire MBA.

I come from a business background and while all my family have been involved in our family business I chose to build a corporate career and move up the ranks. After 10 years of playing the corporate game I soon realized that my life was governed by my job and I had managed to save nothing. Besides I am an energy person and love working with people. Having lead multiple teams I soon realized that I am great at that!

Now I am working through MMBA and hope to start my business soon. I want to break trough the shackles and do something for me and create my place in this world."


Recent Customer feedback: #4

"Thanks so much for your personal reply. It means a lot. And I want to thank you for your generosity of spirit in undertaking to present this material.

I've just started listening to the Millionaire MBA. I am a late bloomer at age 58 but I'm open to creating the *mindset* and creating the passionate life, no matter what level of income it brings. I figure if I do the right stuff, put one foot in front of the other, create new habits, ask for help and coaching and work on this, and follow my vision, I'm going to accomplish something and I'm going to be happy.

I'm listening to the Millionaire MBA throughout the day (on low volume) as I work my job that's paying my bills. I have it on a loop, and I hear something new every time.

I just keep filling my mind with new thoughts to replace the old ones. Meanwhile, as I get these little inspirations and jot down notes. During my lunch hour I make phone calls or send emails or whatever I need to do to keep momentum going.

Anyway, something has clicked, and I just wanted you to know that your Millionaire MBA is playing a big part in retraining my thinking and being a coach to me.

I bet you get a lot of letters like this. So here's one more. Thanks for your help!"

G.M. (US)

Recent Customer feedback: : #5

"What an incredible programme!!! I simply cannot summon the words to compliment this programme enough!!! I had previously bought several acclaimed "life changing" products in the form of audiobooks, but NOTHING as spectacular as this!!!

Each audio is incredibly powerful, spewing with brilliance. Each track offers effective advice and soul-touching personal experiences, which are delicately summarised into main/brief points and are reflected upon regularly throughout other audio tracks. I love how the characteristics are cross linked and are constantly revisited for the listener for an effective learning experience.

I had completed the first 20 days, but I did not feel ready to move on. I revisited the audio tracks that I felt needed more attention. I have never been so committed to any programme, it is just so natural!!! … I listened to the first two entrepreneurs(week 5), today. It was a breath taking experience! It's just so exciting to relive their journey.

This is just meant to be a brief email to let you know how it is going, but I have made a few notes/questions that I would like to discuss with you. But, I've got a few things to finish for tomorrow, so I shall email you again soon!

I cannot thank you enough. This is the best investment I have made so far!

I have never been so pro-active!! Life changing stuff!! Cannot wait for tomorrow's track!

I'm sure you've got hundred thousands of pleased customers around the world and this is probably just a minor addition to the list, but this programme has made an incredible shift in my life! So thank you!!"

Download Millionaire MBA™ MP3 Edition today and reprogramme your mind to think with the 'millionaire mindset'. Simply copy the 40 days of MP3 mentoring sessions onto your MP3 player, iPhone or mobile phone and immerse yourself in the world of self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.