Still Unsure?

Hopefully now, you now have the confidence to invest in Millionaire MBA.

But just in case you're still unsure, here are a few thoughts which may be holding you back...

1. You are in the US, Canada (or just outside of the UK) and wonder if this programme works for you.

More than 50% of Millionaire MBA customers are from outside the UK and most of those are from North America. You can buy with confidence that Millionaire MBA will work for you wherever you are in the world. If you have a problem with any particular accent of one of the featured entrepreneurs, simply read along with the written transcripts.

2. You have already made your first million as an entrepreneur.

If you have, congratulations. You may not need Millionaire MBA to make your second million, but you will certainly find it valuable in developing yourself and your business. More than most people, you'll know the benefit of learning from others who have achieved great success in business.

3. You believe you can get this entire wealth of information from a $10 book

You could certainly read 100 books on the subject, and arrive at the conclusion - that there is still something missing. The missing element is the truth, told by self-made millionaire business owners in their own words, who have been there and done it.

I've read Rich Dad Poor Dad, Napoleon Hill,(and) One Minute Millionaire - but they do not tell you HOW to do it - Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme does. -- Enitan Kane

There was a precursor to this series – Napoleon Hill’s famous book called Think and Grow Rich. I was so inspired by it that I decided, then and there, to start my own business, and I haven’t looked back. In my opinion Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme now takes this approach to a whole new level -- Chris Gorman – Serial Entrepreneur

Inspirational stuff! I've read a lot of stuff over the previous three years (inc Rich Dad Poor Dad) but always felt a lot of it was based in the States so it was great to hear about people who had done it in the UK.

Also I'd started buying assets a few years ago (mainly property) but it never gave me the cash flow to leave my job and my long term goal was always to start my own business. Your course has made me realise that I've got all the knowledge I need really and all I really need to do is START!

Thanks for this, its been a great help. -- John Hays - Oxford

4. You don’t HAVE THE TIME

This is a poor excuse and not very entrepreneurial thinking. Millionaire MBA is designed to be listened to whilst you do other things (i.e. commuting, travelling, exercising, even doing other business work!). If you fail to find 30 minutes a day to secure your future - then it is likely that you will fail to secure your future.

Short, sharp daily sessions of approx 30 minutes ensure that even the busiest people can manage to keep their commitment to completing the course. -- Darren Greenan, Amletheka Ltd (Ireland)

I listened to each CD twice - once on the way to work and once on the way back. It is very inspiring and educational. It is different to other courses as it's built around the views of real life entrepreneurs who explain in their own words how they have been there and done it, rather than the voice of one person. -- John C. (Essex)

5. You have listened to personal developent and marketing programmes from gurus such Tony Robbins, Dan Kennnedy or many other famous speakers.

Millionaire MBA echoes the format and structure of Personal Power II by Tony Robbins, and takes many influences from other motivational programmes. However, there's no comparable programme available today which is exclusively focused on starting or growing a business - AND is taught by real life entrepreneurs.

I too like to listen to courses when I'm driving and I was very pleased to find a programme made in the UK and featuring well known, proven business people.

The content of this programme is without a doubt the best I have heard and the thoughts and ideas flowed to such a degree that I had to take a dictaphone with me to record them.

I would say that the Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme is a must for serious entrepreneurs and not just for people who are starting out but those of us who have been around a while but like to keep fresh.

It's a great achievement which delivers well beyond its promise. -- JC, Hampshire, UK

6. You have been to business growth seminars

Seminars are great and can deliver powerful insights, but they cannot deliver lasting change at a level which reprogrammes your own thinking. Millionaire MBA achieves this lasting change by practicing the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming - The Science of Success). This, together with exercises in the workbook and the 20 day duration of the course, literally hard-wires a new way of thinking into you.

I have taken many workshops and seminars over the years, and I can honestly say that the Millionaire MBA has reached parts that the others haven't. The day on over coming Fears and Limiting Beliefs is exceptional,thank you!

Rena P. (London)

7. You think the course is just a series of interviews

This is a misunderstanding. Millionaire MBA is a highly structured, highly edited mentoring course which took over 2000 hours of editing and analysis to create. The accompanying workbook and daily exercises means Millionaire MBA far out-delivers any interview series.

The exercises force you to think – to take action - the workbook is the most important part of it. -- Ade Yusuf

The Millionaire MBA is truly wonderful.

I expected it to be "good" - and interesting to hear so many entrepreneurs in one place - but I found it to be exceptional, really well structured and somehow accessible to someone starting out whilst valuable to successful entrepreneurs at the same time.

Definitely a labour of love and beautiful for it.

If you have not already looked - look and buy it straight away (It's far cheaper than I imagined too). -- Tom "Big Picture" Ball

8. You cannot financially afford it or do not believe the programme will deliver the return on your investment

Millionaire MBA is priced at an affordable level. The course comes with a full Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and is endorsed by leading entrepreneurs and universities.

More to the point, you cannot afford not to learn from real-life entrepreneurs who have been there and done it!

At first I thought your CDs a little pricey. However, I was wrong because they are truly an unsurpassed wealth of information. Really Richard - the line-up you have with the years/decades of experience being shared is well worth the price. -- Bill Robertson NM, USA

Though more expensive than a book, the programme is cheaper than most training courses, and should be bought by anyone considering starting out on their own; if you are already in business, you will find invaluable inspiration, tools and advice on how to grow your business to a higher level. They may be British, but the themes which emerge are timeless and universal. -- From a review by Tom Butler-Bowden, author of bestseller 50 Success Classics

9. You are procrastinating over whether to BUY IT RIGHT NOW

Procrastination is the enemy of success as an entrepreneur. Taking informed judgements and quick decisions in business is essential.

Millionaire MBA is available to download now, and comes with our 60-day, no-quibble, unconditional guarantee.

Each day for around 30 minutes (over 40 days) you'll HEAR (in their own words) - 29 exceptional entrepreneurs share their views, thoughts and opinions and give you invaluable practical advice on a single subject (i.e. risk, leverage, secret of success, etc) and reveal how you too can apply these principles in YOUR OWN business.