Is Millionaire MBA a Real MBA?

Millionaire MBA is NOT a real MBA and should not be compared with traditional MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses.

One of the ideas behind creating Millionaire MBA was to teach one essential subject which is not taught on traditional business courses - namely the 'entrepreneurial millionaire mindset'.

Prior to creating Millionaire MBA, Richard Parkes Cordock (the program's creator) had completed his own 1-year MBA program in Monaco and realised that this essential entrepreneurial mindset was not taught. In creating Millionaire MBA, he set out to teach this essential subject.

Millionaire MBA is NOT an alternative to an regular $10,000/20,000 MBA course, but it is a worthwhile, inexpensive and essential addition to anybody studying business and planning to start their own company.

Millionaire MBA offers real-life practical advice from real-life self-made millionaires showing you how to build a million pound/dollar/euro company. At the end of 8 weeks, you'll have the tools, strategies and mindset to create your own company too.