Before You Become a Self-Made Millionaire -- You First Have To THINK Like One...

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If you've ever spent any time in the company of a self-made millionaire entrepreneur, you'll know one thing --- 'they think differently' -- very differently

…they think with what's known as the 'millionaire mindset' - a way of thinking which is common with all self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.

Henry Ford had the millionaire mindset 100 years ago… Sir Richard Branson has it today… as does Old ‘Big Hair’ Donald Trump ---

---and so do the 29 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs in Millionaire MBA.

These are the very entrepreneurial masters who will mentor you -- as you rewire your mind to think differently with the millionaire mindset.

-- A Fact --

If you are serious about achieving success as an entrepreneur -- even reaching millionaire or multi-millionaire status, you need to understand three things.

  • 1. Self-made millionaires think differently to other people.

  • 2. You can learn to think like a self-made millionaire too.

  • 3. You must first learn to think like as self-made millionaire before you become one.

It’s that simple.

You can’t become a self-made millionaire entrepreneur, until you first learn how to think like one.

In this letter, you’ll discover exactly what this ‘millionaire way of thinking is’ and how, with the help of 29 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs mentors and the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), you can reprogramme your mind to think with the millionaire mindset too.

Millionaire Thinking - Step 1 to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur

It’s often said that if Sir Richard Branson lost all of his multi-billion dollar fortune, he’d be a self-made millionaire (or multi-millionaire) again within a year.

He wouldn’t think about getting a job or earning a salary.

He’d think different--- keeping his eyes open for opportunity--- networking--- asking probing questions--- looking for gaps in the market that others haven’t yet spotted.

He’d think about customers. Who are they, where are they, what can he sell them, what are his routes to market.

He’d think about creating a company (an asset) -- and have in mind how he could eventually ‘exit’, with either an IPO, a trade sale, or an MBO.

He’d think about the resources he needed to create his new company--- the money (other peoples money!), the people, the products.

He’d have clear goals of what he wanted to achieve and by when.

He’d make sure everybody around him (his team) believed in those goals, and were as passionately driven and focused on achieving them -- as he is.

It wouldn’t take him long to be back on his feet--- charging forward to building his empire again.

That’s because he has the millionaire mindset -- in abundance!

Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme - a proven way to rewire your mind to think with the millionaire mindset

It’s this ‘millionaire mindset’ way of thinking that you first need to hard-wire into your brain if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur...

…and with the help of Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme, over the course of 40 days, you can rewire your mind to think this way too.

Leveraging the collective wisdom of the 29 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs featured in Millionaire MBA, people like Duncan Bannatyne from Dragons' Den. Simon Woodroffe the charismatic founder of YO! Sushi, and Sir Tom Hunter, Scotland's richest entrepreneur--- you’ll have a team of millionaire mentors who between them have created companies valued at well over $2bn.

Twenty nine who’ve been where you are – and done it -- and are now ready to act as your guide. People like Lord Bilmoria, who built Cobra Beer when business “experts” said he was crazy … Or Lord Harris, who made two fortunes out of carpets.

Twenty nine whose thoughts, actions and make decision making processes have been meticulously modelled (using the principles of NLP - more about this in a moment) and delivered back in a way which reprograms their millionaire mindset into you.

Here's just some of the 29 entrepreneurs who will be your daily mentors over the next 8 weeks, as you reprogramme your mind to think with the millionaire mindset. These include FIVE WINNERS OF ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR:

Simon Woodroffe

Simon Woodroffe (of BBC's Dragons' Den) explains how to build one of the most outrageous and biggest brands – starting at the age of 40 after getting divorced and with next to no capital or previous track record as an entrepreneur.

Ivan Massow

Ivan Massow (of Channel 4's Make Me a Million) will tell you how you can start a business from scratch. He started his company from a squat (a communal house with NO facilities). Ivan doesn't pull any punches and you'll learn why there are NO excuses in business.

Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne (of BBC's Dragons' Den) explains his repeatable formulas for success and explains why he is a successful entrepreneur – when his brothers are not. Duncan decided at the age of 30 that he was going to become a millionaire. He is now worth over 130m and has 4 multi-million companies behind him.

Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer walks you through global start-ups and her experience starting a company simultaneously in 17 countries, and then selling it to start a VC business.

Lena Bjorck

Lena Bjorck reveals her inner secrets so that you can build unstoppable confidence. Be prepared to be amazed by her inspiration. Through pure grit and determination, and with only a tiny amount of "seed money', Lena has overcome every imaginable obstacle to cater for the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the UK.

Glenda Stone

Glenda Stone is pure inspiration for anyone who wants to break into the corporate world. She created a whole new market for women in business -- a sector that never existed until she made it happen.

Lord Bilimoria

Lord Bilimoria describes how to create a revolutionary new product that will dominate an industry. He knows because he did it even when everybody said he had zero chance of succeeding.

Mark Marsland

Mark Marsland is the ultimate entrepreneur. You'll be inspired (and enlightened) by his personal odyssey from paid labourer to owner of his own hugely successful company – ALL whilst doing the one thing he loves: fishing!

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson demonstrates his unique way of excelling as a capitalist investor and entrepreneur. One of the UK’s most respected restaurateurs, Luke now owns many of London’s most desirable restaurants and is regarded not only as an extraordinary entrepreneur, but also as an exceptionally talented investor.

Debbie Burke

Debbie Burke will captivate you as she explains exactly what it will take for you to have a multi-million pound (dollar) company like hers even if you've just been laid off. Debbie started her successful recruitment company with a credit card and a $10,000 credit line when the company she was working for collapsed.

Sir Christopher Evans

Sir Christopher Evans gives you a unique insider's view of what it takes to take 20 companies public (float on the stock exchange). Sir Christopher is one of the UK’s most respected Bioscience entrepreneurs…and after this interview you will never doubt that there is a millionaire mindset.

Stepehen Streater

Stephen Streater went to Cambridge but abandoned his Phd (advanced degree) to create the company that spawned Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Stephen has since sold most of his shares in that company and has gone on to repeat his success in a new venture. Listen in on his secrets and learn how you can do the same.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith will share with you the highs and lows of his journey and provide you with a framework so that you can enjoy the highs and skip the lows. Michael started Firebox, a boys toys company, in the heat of the Internet boom. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Michael didn't get burned and Firebox is one of the few that has stood the test of time…and profits.

Nick Wheeler

Nick Wheeler started his company while still at university. After a brief spell as a management consultant, Nick became an entrepreneur again and has never looked back. Nick shows you how to build a phenomenally strong business year on year– and develop the inner mindset you need to make it happen.

Tim Etchells

Tim Etchells shares the timeless lessons and universal theories he lives by as a well-known and respected entrepreneur operating at the highest level in the exhibition industry. Tim spells out word-for-word what you need to do to replicate his level of success.

Sir Tom Hunter

Sir Tom Hunter shares his secrets on how to sell a business for a spectacular sum. He should know! Tom started selling shoes from the back of his car and ended up selling his business for over 280m, making him Scotland's richest man.

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes shows you the golden rule of business. Chris took the bold leap from corporate world to entrepreneur and will reveal the real reason his new company has been able to dominate his industry.

James Minter

James Minter shows you what you need to change if you are serious and want to become a successful entrepreneur. At one time, James was an officer in the Royal Navy. With no previous business experience at all, he created one of London’s most prestigious private members' clubs and serviced office complexes.

Elena Souto

Elena Souto teaches you what YOU need to do to replicate her meteoric success. Elena previously worked in an office and decided one day that she wanted to start her own business – selling lingerie for bigger breasted women! Elena’s talent was soon spotted and she won award after award for her business.

Lord Harris

Lord Harris describes in detail the nuts and bolts of building a successful company. Lord Harris left school at 15 to run the family business when his father died. Lord Harris is dyslexic but has used it to his advantage and has been recognised by the Queen for his contributions to charities.

Here's why Millionaire MBA works -- and why it will change the way you think (forever) in just 40 days.

I mentioned NLP a moment ago. NLP is the secret sauce behind Millionaire MBA.

Here's why:

Bank in 1975, two academics John Grinder a linguist and Richard Bandler a psychologist recognised the connection between thoughts, language, behaviour and results.

Essentially, they recognised that:-

- what we think is what we say,
- what we
say is what we do, and
- what we
do determines our results.

But it all starts with what we think - and if we want to change our results, we first have to change the way we think.

Bandler and Grinder also recognised that the fast track to help people change the way they think is to ‘model’ those who are already achieving excellent results in any given area.

For example, if you want to become an excellent golfer, you could model Tiger Woods (you'd model his golf life, not his private life!).

You’d delve deep into his mind, finding out exactly what is going on with every decision he makes, what he think about as he addresses the ball, which club he choses and why, how he judges the distance.

You get the idea.

Now if you want to become an entrepreneur, you'd model other successful entrepreneurs.

You’d dig deep into what they think about when they look at a business, how they know if a new venture is going to succeed or fail. How they pick themselves up from failure.

You’d probe deeper and deeper -- getting under their skin until you really understood exactly how and why they achieved the results they do.

That’s is exactly what we did in creating Millionaire MBA.

We met with, and recorded audio interviews with 25 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, plus 4 experts in sales, marketing, motivation and leadership.

Using the principles of NLP, we unpicked their ‘millionaire mindset’ -- identifying exactly what it is about them (and all other self-made millionaires) which sets them apart from regular employed people.

Using the digital recording of the interviews, we edited their responses and grouped all their relevant answers, carefully weaving together their voices in a way which is designed to ‘reprogramme’ their way of thinking in you, the listener.

Over the course of 40 days, you immerse yourself in the world of the millionaire mindset, being mentored for 30-40 minutes a day by the 29 millionaire entrepreneurs.

The 'little and often' mentoring approach of Millionaire MBA is proven to:

1. Hardwire a new millionaire mindset into your brain.
Free from your current 'non-millionaire' thinking pattern.
3. Instill in you the 12 repeatable 'habits' of self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.
4. Shatter any limiting beliefs you have which are holding you back.
5. Set you on a new path to entrepreneurial success and financial freedom.
6. Give you the tools to spot new opportunities which are right for you.
7. Inspire and motivate you to take action and reach your goals.
8. Give you the practical know-how to build a million dollar/pound/euro business.

Customers who have been through Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme consistently speak about the life-changing results they have achieved. Whether that's taking the initial steps to start their first business, or growing and expanding their existing business to new levels. Their own words of endorsement speak clearly for themselves.

Take a moment to review just a few of the letters and emails we have received.

"I can call on any one of the 25 entrepreneurs whenever I choose to clarify, underline and confirm things whenever I want. Each time I play it I hear something else I didn’t hear the first time." -- Andrew Merritt-Morling (London)

"I purchased the Millionaire MBA last week - it was so compelling that I listened to the entire product over the weekend. It is truly a brilliant product. It always makes a difference when you hear it straight from the horse's mouth and your eclectic selection of really interesting entrepreneurs is truly inspirational." -- Trevor J. O'Hara, Founder and CEO, BlueVentus Ltd

"When listening to the MMBA, I listen to the lesson twice daily, and read the transcripts at night before going to bed. This helps to me to get totally immersed in the content for each day. I've found this a very effective way to get the most out of the program. Add the workbook exercises into the equation and you've got yourself a very powerful combination" -- Gary Noonkester - USA

"I have been in business for myself for 6 years now after 25 years in the Corporate world. Recently I decided to tackle a new venture and the Business Mentoring Programme CDs by Millionaire MBA fell into my lap at the absolute right time. Being a Nightingale-Conant junkie it has been my mind set to cut the learning curve by going to school on those "in-the-know". At first I thought your CD a little pricey. However, I was wrong because they are truly an unsurpassed wealth of information. Really Richard - the line-up you have with the years/decades of experience being shared is well worth the price. A must have for any entrepreneur's library." -- Bill Robertson NM, USA

"I too like to listen to courses when I'm driving and I was very pleased to find a programme made in the UK and featuring well known, proven business people. The content of this programme is without a doubt the best I have heard and the thoughts and ideas flowed to such a degree that I had to take a dictaphone with me to record them. I'm now well into Part 2. I would say that the Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme is a must for serious entrepreneurs and not just for people who are starting out but those of us who have been around a while but like to keep fresh. It's a great achievement which delivers well beyond its promise." -- JC, Hampshire, UK

"Inspirational stuff! I've read a lot of stuff over the previous three years (inc Rich Dad Poor Dad) but always felt a lot of it was based in the States so it was great to hear about people who had done it in the UK. Also I'd started buying assets a few years ago (mainly property) but it never gave me the cash flow to leave my job and my long term goal was always to start my own business. Your course has made me realise that I've got all the knowledge I need really and all I really need to do is START! Thanks for this, its been a great help." -- John Hays - Oxford

So now you know what Millionaire MBA can do for you, take a look at exactly what you'll learn in the mentoring programme.

These are the specific mentoring sessions which you'll listen to for 30-40 minutes a day over the next 40 days. Simply download these MP3 audio files on to your PC or Mac, copy them on to your mobile phone or MP3 player -- and you are set to go.

The next 40 days will change your life forever!


Day 1 Millionaire Mindset - Learn the 12 elements of the Millionaire Mindset and the difference between millionaire and employee thinking

Day 2 Millionaire Difference - Understand what makes successful entrepreneurs different

Day 3 Motivation - Learn how to motivate others and identify what motivates you

Day 4 Secret of Success - Understand the secrets of success and the golden rule of business

Day 5 Failure - Learn that failure is a key part of success and how to overcome it

Week 2

Day 6 Habits & Systems - Develop successful habits and repeatable systems of entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires

Day 7 Confidence & Self Belief – Grow your confidence and self-belief. Discover how even the most successful entrepreneurs didn't always know for certain that their business would be successful.

Day 8 Risk taking & Judgement - Understand entrepreneurs' approach to risk. Is this risk or judgement? A remarkable segment of the training.

Day 9 Fears & Limiting Beliefs - Conquer fear and limiting beliefs about your past, which hold you back from future success.

Day 10 Persistence & No - Learn how to conquer failure with persistence and the refusal to accept 'no' for an answer.

Week 3

Day 11 Communication - Open your mind to the power of communication - the greatest tool for persuading customers, investors and employees.

Day 12 People & Teams - Uncover the power of teams. Business is about people, and each of our 25 entrepreneurs agree that people are the most important ingredient. Learn how to get the most from your teams.

Day 13 Goals & Focus - Discover the power of goals. Written goals focus the subconscious mind and achieve results like no other method.

Day 14 Stress & Pressure - Being an entrepreneur is both stressful and fun. Learn the methods that our entrepreneurs adopt for dealing with stress.

Day 15 Time Management, Self Discipline & Sacrifice - The rewards of being an entrepreneur come at cost. Discover what they are in day 15 and what you need to do to achieve success.

Week 4

Day 16 Networking & New Ideas - Learn the value of networking to create new ideas and drive your business forward. Learn the tips and tricks of networking from masters of the art.

Day 17 Leverage - Understand the power of leverage to achieve greater results, and faster. Learn the value of OPE, OPT, OPM.

Day 18 Business Heroes & Defining Moments - Find more clues to success as our entrepreneurs share their thoughts on who they admire in the world of business and why. Learn from their defining moments what it really takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Day 19 Business Fundamentals - Understand the fundamentals of business straight from those who have already been there and done it.

Day 20 Making a Million - Finally, identify the 6 key steps to building a million pound company.

Weeks 5 - 8

In Part 1 of Millionaire MBA (weeks 1 to 4), you focus on the 20 core subjects of the millionaire mindset.

In Part 2 of Millionaire MBA (weeks 5 to 8), you hear from just one entrepreneur a day -- digging deeper into their own entrepreneurial story, hearing how they started and grew their business, the challenges they had to over come, and the results they have achieved.

In the 20 days of Part 2, you'll get to know the entrepreneurs in detail and start to mirror the way they think, act and make decisions.

As well as the 40 days of MP3 based NLP millionaire mentoring, you’ll also receive a 100 page workbook.

In the workbook, you'll work through a series of carefully crafted hands-on exercises, to bring the learning and advice from Millionaire MBA alive even more. With the help if the workbook you can apply each days learning back to your new business idea, or existing business.

The workbook and audio programme provides a sound basis for developing entrepreneurial behaviour. The workbook exercises build self awareness and help to develop double loop, reflective thinking.

The audio component provides real and easily accessible backup to the exercises through listening to current, UK entrepreneurs who have been there, done it and continue to succeed...

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur this is a good place to start.

-- Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship @ Strathclyde

Millionaire MBA works on five levels:

1. Modelling Success. Millionaire MBA is built on the highly effective NLP practice of modelling. In creating Millionaire MBA the thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and langague patterns of 29 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs were modelled. Modelling is widely recognised as the fastest route to success.

2. Little and Often Approach. Millionaire MBA is specifically designed to be 'LISTENED TO' little and often over the period of 40 days (30-45 minutes a day) and is very similar to learning a new foreign language.

3. Creating and Reinforcing New Habits. By taking this gradual approach and working through the specifically designed exercises in the workbook, your subconscious mind has the time to digest the wealth of business building information and apply it to your own circumstances.

4. Developing the Right Mindset. Through continued study of the audio programme, you will dramatically change the way you think, act and make decisions.

5. 100 Page Workbook. The learning from each day of the programme is reinforced in an accompanying workbook through summaries and daily exercises. The workbook is an essential key to hard-wiring your mind with the millionaire mindset.

To make sure this programme delivers extraordinary results for you (as it has for thousands of other entrepreneurs around the world), you'll receive six extra added value bonus items:

Bonus 1 - Special Feature interview with Chris Gorman

Chris is a phenomenal serial entrepreneur and is recognised as one of Sir Richard Branson's favourite entrepreneurs. In this 63 minute interview, the former investor behind The Gadget Shop and Birthday's Greeting Cards, reveals his 12 lessons in business that have propelled him to a net worth of over £50m (all by the age of 37).

Bonus 2 - Special Feature interview with David Taylor

David is the leading international author of The Naked Leader - a landmark book on leadership. David strips bare the mindset of self-made millionaires and shares his thoughts on how you can re-programme your mind for business success.

Bonus 3 - Special Feature interview with Mike Southon

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of the best selling book, The Beermat Entrepreneur, Mike shares his thoughts on a fast and low cost approach to prototype your new business idea. This is a priceless session and will give the tools for you to immediately get started with your next business idea.

Bonus 4 - Special Feature interview with Angus Clacher

Angus's story is the dream entrepreneurial story - leaving his job to start a business with friends. Angus was recently able to sell his shares in the company he formed and walk away a millionaire after only 4 years .

Bonus 5 - Printed Transcripts

As well as listening to Part 1 of Millionaire MBA, you can also read every word when you download over 500 pages of printable PDF transcripts. This valuable bonus offers another dimension to your learning, and makes Millionaire MBA an essential business building tool for both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bonus 6 - Millionaire Upgrade Audio Book

You'll receive the audio version of Millionaire Upgrade , the book which is the introduction to the full mentoring programme. Here's your opportunity to receive the spoken word version to listen to at your leisure as a quick summary for the full programme.

Originally Millionaire MBA was distributed in audio CD format ($599 / £499 / €529), or MP3 CDs ($399 / £299 / €329) - but the mentoring programme is now available as a pure MP3 download for a fraction of this price.

Millionaire MBA has been designed so that wherever you are -- whether you're driving in your car, sitting at your computer or listening on your iPod as you exercise -- you can find time in your day to absorb and embrace the words, insights and strategies of some of the UK's most successful and high achieving entrepreneurs.

More importantly… the NLP approach of Millionaire MBA is proven to hardwire this millionaire entrepreneur way of thinking into the mind of the listener -- i.e. YOU!

Now you know what Millionaire MBA is, it is important to know what it isn’t.

Millionaire MBA is not a get rich quick scheme or business opportunity. You won't find any false promised of instant riches here. No pictures of fast cars, big houses or Sunseeker yachts. If you see a website with these pictures on, beware!

Millionaire MBA does not talk about internet marketing--- Twitter or FaceBook--- it does not talk about the next ‘sure thing’ in marketing -- is there really such a thing? Getting great at marketing is essential for any entrepreneur - but isn't what Millionaire MBA programme is about.

What Millionaire MBA is about (and hardcodes into your mind like nothing else) is the timeless fundamental mindset shared by all self-made millionaires: the millionaire mindset.

The wisdom and business building insights contained in Millionaire MBA will be as relevant in 100 years time as their are today.

This is the same way the thoughts, ideas and advice contained in the classic business book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ are just as relevant now, as it was back in 1937 when Napoleon Hill first wrote the book.

The tools in Millionaire MBA are here for you to learn how successful self-made millionaire entrepreneurs think, act and make decisions - and the programme has been designed to make you think this way too.

Millionaire MBA - for aspiring entrepreneurs AND existing entrepreneurs

Although Millionaire MBA was originally developed for new entrepreneurs who were moving from employment to starting their own business, it soon became evident that many existing entrepreneurs benefited from the programme too.

If you are already an entrepreneur (and you have the scars of entrepreneurship on your back) you’ll soon identify with the 29 millionaires in the course. You’ll find their insights and collective wisdom energising, motivating and you'll start to see new opportunities in your own business which you hadn’t before seen.

You'll also want to listen to Millionaire MBA many times over. It's not unusual for entrepreneurs to listen to Millionaire MBA 3-4 times a year. It's that addictive!

Order Millionaire MBA today with our 60 day money back guarantee

Over 50,000 existing entrepreneurs around the world have experienced Millionaire MBA--- you can read some of their testimonials on this site.

But to give you even more peace and mind in deciding if Millionaire MBA is right for you, we offer a 60-day full, no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason whatsoever, you decide that Millionaire MBA is not for you, then simply let us know within 60 days for a full refund.

Not that you’ll want to take us up on that offer - as Millionaire MBA is the key to the door to your success as an entrepreneur.

At the start of this letter, you read that Step 1 to becoming a self-made millionaire entrepreneur is to first develop your mind to think like one. Millionaire MBA is that first step.

Download Millionaire MBA today and fast track your own entrepreneurial success.

Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme is based on the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - the science of success. Over 8 weeks you'll knowingly and subconsciously reprogramme your mind. Each day 29 award-winning entrepreneurs will talk you through, step-by-step, how to START or GROW your very own million dollar/pound/euro business.