What is Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme?

Millionaire MBA is an audio based mentoring programme for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders. Built around in-depth, structured and highly edited interviews with 25 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, this new revolutionary learning format using ground breaking teaching methods will literally reprogramme your mind for success in your own business.

Who is the programme designed for?

Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme is designed for EXISTING business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as ASPIRING entrepreneurs and those who want to escape the ‘rat race’ and start their own business.

What can I personally expect to get out of the programme?

Millionaire MBA is designed to develop your entrepreneurial thinking and mindset to a level comparable to the most sophisticated self-made millionaire entrepreneur.

The common factor which unites all successful business owners, regardless of the industry in which they operate, is their thinking – often referred to as the ‘millionaire mindset’. Millionaire MBA develops your own millionaire mindset to a level which allows you to create your own unlimited business success.

Depending on where you are in your own entrepreneurial journey, you will gain the following:

  • Current Position – Employed and seeking an idea. In these circumstances, Millionaire MBA will move you from the ‘employee mindset’ to the ‘millionaire mindset’ in the shortest possible timeframe. Thinking like an employee is incompatible with business success and is the biggest reason for business failure. If you are currently employed you should expect to make a 180 degree shift in your thinking by the end of the course and you will have retrained your mind to think as a successful entrepreneur.

  • Current Position – Just started a business, or have an idea but have not yet started developing the business. In these circumstances, you should expect that Millionaire MBA will give you the confidence, belief and internal wisdom that is needed to succeed in your own venture. Far too many businesses fail within the first few years, which can only be attributed to the entrepreneur as they must take total responsibility for the success or failure of the business. After 8 weeks of mentorship and direction by 25 leading UK entrepreneurs you will have a deep understanding of what YOU need to do to create success in your own business. By passively absorbing the NLP principles woven into the course, you will literally run a new mental programme where your thinking, language and actions will all operate in harmony cumulating in dramatically improved busines results.

  • Current Position – You are an experienced business owner and looking for fresh ideas to grow your own business. If you have been successful in your own business for some years, it is likely that you will already have learnt many of the fundamental lessons consistent with other successful entrepreneurs. Like many of our other customers who already have their own business, you will gain a massive benefit from Millionaire MBA as you are able to absorb more of the sophisticated thinking within Millionaire MBA and extract the pure wisdom that will help grow your business to a higher level. Just as you would gain if you had the opportunity to interview 25 of the UK's leading business owners who have already created over 1 billion pounds worth of wealth between them, you can now get that full benefit WITHOUT having to give up any of your precious time spent working on your own business. Personal and professional development is even more important for existing business owners and getting input from fellow peers or those who are further ahead on the curve is invaluable.

What makes Millionaire MBA different from other CD courses or interview-based products?

The uniqueness of Millionaire MBA is the way in which it was developed. 25 high-profile and successful entrepreneurs were all asked a series of questions which were designed to unpick their thinking and decode the consistent entrepreneurial thought patterns which all of them share. Their answers were digitally recorded, edited and grouped together by subject. The overall interview and editing process took over 2000 hours. Millionaire MBA will guide you through 40 days of in-depth business mentoring on subjects ranging from Risk and Judgement to Dealing With Failure. Millionaire MBA is a totally unique concept in the development of business growth training.

I understand Millionaire MBA uses NLP. What does this mean?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science of success and at its heart is the subject of modeling. To give a simple example, if you want to become a world-class golfer you would most likely choose to model somebody like Tiger Woods.

In the same way, if you want to become a world class entrepreneur, you would choose to model world class entrepreneurs. This is what Millionaire MBA has done and it allows you to fast track your own development by applying the principles in the programme to your own circumstances and your own business (or future business).

Millionaire MBA and NLP recognise the mantra - what you think about is what you say, what you say is what you do, and what you do determines your results. By addressing the source point (your thinking) you will be able to reprogramme your mind to share the consistent mindset of all self-made millionaire entrepreneurs.

What is the structure of the programme?

Millionaire MBA is structured in two parts (Part 1 and Part 2). In Part 1 (Days 1-20), you will study numerous subjects in depth which are backbone of all successful entrepreneurs. These subjects include: the Millionaire Mindset, Leverage, People and Teams, Persistence, Failure and many more. Each subject represents core traits of entrepreneurial thinking and is closely associated with the practice of NLP.

In Part 1, you will listen to a programme a day for 5 days a week, over 4 weeks. All 25 featured entrepreneurs contribute to each day's programme which last around 30 minutes and are accompanied by an exercise in the workbook.

In Part 2 of the programme, you will hear from 20 of the 25 entrepreneurs, each of whom has their own unique day and 30 minute segment. Here you are able to hear their own story and insights at a deeper level.

To summarize, in Part 1 you will focus on the subject, whereas in Part 2 you will focus on the entrepreneur.

How do I study the course?

The course is designed to be studied at home (or on the move) Monday to Friday each week for around 30 minutes a day. You will either play the audio CDs on your CD player (at home, in the car or in your portable CD player) – OR if you have chosen the best selling MP3 format, you will play the MP3 files on your computer or transfer the files to your portable MP3 player.

Either way, it is recommended that you set aside 30-40 minutes a day to listen to the programme, and also set aside an additional 20 minutes each day to complete the workbook exercises. Many customers study the CDs in the morning and complete the workbook exercises in the evening once the material from the day has had time to internalize. Many customers also listen to the audio programme a second time, later in the day.

To get the most out of the programme, it is designed to be studied little and often (i.e. each day) rather than rushing through the whole programme at once. By taking your time, you will give your subconscious mind the greatest opportunity to internalize the information and apply it to your own personal circumstances.

We find that most people who have completed Millionaire MBA listen to the programme a second time shortly after completing it the first time. Common feedback from our customers is that the first time you go through the course you 'listen to it' and the next time you go through the course you 'really hear it'. With each listening, you will hear something new which applies to your own growing and changing personal and business circumstances.

Millionaire MBA is now only available as an MP3/PDF download.

Do I get a qualification after studying Millionaire MBA?

Millionaire MBA is not a traditional MBA (Master of Business Administration) course, but is designed to teach the fundamental subjects which are essential to entrepreneurial business success – AND are not taught on traditional MBA courses. To do this, real life entrepreneurs are used to provide the teaching. Millionaire MBA does not therefore come with a qualification. However, Millionaire MBA has been recognised by leading accademic centres as an outstanding development programme.

Who created Millionaire MBA and where did the idea come from?

Millionaire MBA was created by Richard Parkes Cordock. Richard had previously worked in the corporate world and had completed a traditional MBA in Monaco. During his time in the South of France he became very aware that much of the success and wealth on the Riviera was a product of entrepreneurial activity – AND that the subjects taught on his MBA course were not consistent with creating this level of personal success.

Returning to the UK, Richard became interested in NLP and studied the subject in depth. It was during his NLP studies that he became aware of the power of modeling to fast track success and the idea of modelling successful entrepreneurs was born.

I've heard Millionaire MBA was also influenced by Think and Grow Rich, is this true?

The book Think and Grow Rich was written in 1937 by Oliver Napoleon Hill and commissioned by Andrew Carnagie, the world's richest man at the time. The book was the cumulation of Hill's lifetime work spent interviewing and researching successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is an extraordinary book but complicated to digest and requires reading many times to absorb its information. It is also Hill's interpretation of his interviews, rather than the actual words of the business leaders he interviewed.

Millionaire MBA is very close to Think and Grow Rich in that it is based around genuine research and interviews with ultra successful entrepreneurs. The key difference is that Millionaire MBA is audio based (and contemporary) – and that the content is delivered by real life entrepreneurs, rather than the sole voice (or written word) of one author.

How may hours a week do I need to study?

Each day of the programme is around 30 minutes long (with the exception of days 1 and 2 which are closer to 60 minutes). It is recommended that you set aside around 1 hour a day for 5 days a week to give you sufficient time to listen to the programme, read the transcipts and complete the workbook exercises. The beauty of Millionaire MBA is that it is audio based so you can combine your study with other activities such as driving, exercise and even doing other work.

How does Millionaire MBA work?

Millionaire MBA is built on the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and recognises that for you to achieve outstanding success, you must run a ‘mental programme’ which is capable of outstanding success.

If you agree that your mind is the most powerful computer known to man and for a computer to operate effectively it requires software, then you can consider Millionaire MBA to be mental software for your mind.

By introducing a new language into your mind, (i.e. a language of business success which is taught to you by 25 self-made millionaire business leaders and entrepreneurs), you will literally reprograme your own mind to think at this level yourself. You will start to see the world through the eyes of leading entrepreneurs and opportunity and success will present it self, simply because you will now be ready to see it, where others can’t.

By installing a new programme/language in yourself, you will develop the unshakable belief and confidence which is common to all ultra-successful business owners. When you are on top of your game, your confidence and self-belief will be obvious which in itself will inspire others to believe in you and follow you.

How does Millionaire MBA work?

Millionaire MBA works as a teaching/training method for several reasons:

1. It is designed to be listened to little and often over 8 weeks. By taking this little and often approach, your mind has time to adsorb a new progrmame and language. Over the duration of the course, you will literally experience a change in your own thinking and language which will ultimately manifest itself in new positive results. If you think, speak and act like a self-made millionaire entrepreneur, you will achieve results consistent with a self-made millionaire entrepreneur.

2. The subjects in Millionaire MBA are taught to you by real life self-made millionaire entrepreneurs and business leaders; entrepreneurs who have been there and done it many times. This is different to many other business training courses and is consistently identified by our customers as the true benefit of Millionaire MBA. You will hear 25 self-made millionaires explain in their own words the science and secrets which have allowed them to create the significant levels of success they have already achieved. With the addition of narration to decoded and organises their thinking to bring structure and ease of learning to the course, you will literally have your own team of 25 personal business mentors showing you the golden path to business success.

3. In addition to the audio component of Millionaire MBA you will also receive a 100 page workbook which is the key to personalising the course to your own circumstances. Customers constantly rave about the benefits of the workbook and we often hear of customers who carry the workbook with them on their travels or refer back to the decisions they made in the workbook a year or so earlier and are amazed at the progress they have made. By writing down your answers in the printable workbook you hard-wire your new goals, new decisions and new beliefs in to your mind – AND develop the unstoppable characteristics of all self-made millionaire entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders. Since the workbook is printable you can print a new version each time you go through the course.

Millionaire MBA is available as an MP3/PDF download and will play in the media player of any device -- including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, Windows PC, Linux or any other MP3 player

What is the best time of the day to study the course?

There is no specific time of the day that we recommend to study the programme, other than a time that suites you. Ideally it is best if you can study the programme at the same time each day.

A key part of the learning of Millionaire MBA is the course’s power to ‘reprogamme’ your mind which comes from slowly and consistently installing new thinking patterns at the subconscious level. By studying the course at the same time each day (for 40 days) your mind will be at its most receptive to absorb the new information.

How important is the workbook?

The workbook is a vital element of the programme and is crucial in personalising the course and tailoring it to your own circumstances. In short, the workbook is the tool which allows you to drive the change and allows you to get the maximum results from the programme.

It is important that you are honest in completing the exercises to get the greatest results and maximum return on your investment.

What benefit will I get from the 500 pages of transcripts?

Part 1 of Millionaire MBA is provided with full transcripts in PDF (digital printable format). Depending on how you learn, you may find it beneficial to read and annotate the transcripts and use these as a method to remind yourself of key points, as well as allowing you to navigate the course easily. Many customers read the transcript for the day first, listen to the programme and then complete the daily exercises. NLP recognises that there are various forms of absorbing new information. In Millionaire MBA we have focused on providing an audio format which is supported with a visual format. Kinesthetic customers who want to feel, touch and read the course will gain significant benefit from the transcripts.

What are the bonuses which are included with the programme?

There are 4 additional bonuses included with the programme (which are in addition to the 4 special feature sessions). These are:

Bonus 1 – Millionaire Upgrade is the audio which accompanies Millionaire MBA. Set on a plane journey and told through a conversation with Michael and Tom, this entertaining and insightful story adds another dimension to the wisdom of Millionaire MBA.

Bonus 2 – 500 Pages of Printable Transcripts. As well as listening to Part 1 of Millionaire MBA, you can also read every word when you download over 500 pages of printable PDF transcripts. This valuable bonus offers another dimension to your learning, and makes Millionaire MBA an essential business building tool for both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bonus3 – Audio book - This 2 hour MP3 audio book cannot fail to inspire and motivate anyone who wants to significantly improve their lifestyle and work towards millionaire status. The philosophy of the book is clear and in tune with the philosophy of Millionaire MBA.

Bonus 4 – Interview with Legendary VC, Jon Moulton. This is a 20+ page PDF transcription of an interview with Jon Moulton, the legendary London based VC. Jon has invested in literally hundreds (if not thousands) of companies over the years, and knows more than most what makes a successful business.

What is the difference between the MP3 and Audio CD format?

Originally when the programme was developed, it was created and provided on 24 audio CDs. However, it became evident very early on that customers were transferring the course onto their iPods and that there was a pressing need for an MP3 version of the course.

Very shortly after releasing Millionaire MBA, an MP3 version of the course was introduced which is identical in content to the audio CD version, but is now delivered as an MP3 download).

The content is identical in both formants.

We find that the MP3 format is more popular with our customers than the regular audio CD format. This is partly because the price of the MP3 format is lower (which is because the cost of providing the MP3 format is lower) and partly because MP3 is a convenient format and many customers now have iPods or other MP3 players.

It is worth noting that MP3 can be played on PCs and Macs. By using a computer, you can transfer the MP3 audio files to an MP3 player such as an iPod and you should be aware that many mobile phones and PDAs can also play MP3 files.

Millionaire MBA is now only available as an MP3/PDF download.

Who are the featured entrepreneurs and why did they choose to contribute to the course?

Millionaire MBA is based on in-depth interviews with 25 self-made millionaire entrepreneurs. A full listing of them can be found on the home page. There is an interesting mix of entrepreneurs from those who are worth over 600m, to those who are just about to make their first million – and every level in-between.

In total, the combined wealth of all the entrepreneurs is well over 1bn and the combined years of entrepreneurial experience runs into many hundreds.

The main motivation of the entrepreneurs to contribute to the course was to pass on their wisdom and entrepreneurial experiences to a wider audience. Entrepreneurs recognise the struggle it has been to achieve their level of success, and are therefore very willing to share their finding to encourage a new generation of business owners.

I’ve heard about Millionaire Upgrade, what is it?

Millionaire Upgrade is a 100 page book which was written by Richard Parkes Cordock after he created Millionaire MBA. Millionaire Upgrade tells the story of Tom, a frustrated employee who is upgraded on a long haul flight and finds himself sitting next to Michael, a self-made millionaire. The story was inspired by true events with one of Richard’s relatives and Richard Branson.

The wisdom and principles in the book are taken from Millionaire MBA, but clearly the book cannot go into level of detail that the full mentoring programme can. Other customers have commented that Millionaire Upgrade is a great introduction and refresher to Millionaire MBA. The book is highly regarded and can be bought from Amazon.

You will receive the 3 hour spoken-word audio version of Millionaire Upgrade which has been professionally read and recorded at a leading recording studio.

Is Millionaire MBA used by customers around the world?

Yes. Millionaire MBA is studied by customers in just about every corner of the world. At least 50% of Millionaire MBA customer who download the programme from this site are in North America.

The entrepreneurs in the course are predominately British. Does this effect the listening experience?

It is true that the entrepreneurs in Millionaire MBA are predominately British. Millionaire MBA was designed to break through the hype of many other programmes and bring the listener closer to the expert, in this case 25 award-winning entrepreneurs.

The principles in Millionaire MBA are timeless and universal and apply to any business in any location of the world. They are the fundamental business rules which have been the case for the past 200 years and will remain the fundamental principles for the next 200 years and beyond.

What can I do if I am not happy with the programme?

In the very unlikely event that you are not satisfied with Millionaire MBA, you are welcome to return it within 60 days of receiving it. 60 days will give you time to complete the entire course and decide for yourself if you received full benefit and value. We receive very few returns but recognise that the programme is not for everybody and that occasionally a customer genuinely is not in a position to take full benefit from the course. We recognise also that investing in a programme such as Millionaire MBA requires a ‘leap of faith’ and that the comfort of knowing you can return the programme within 60 days eliminates much of that concern.

For the equivalent cost of one hour with a generalist life-coach, Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme provides you access to over 30 hours of practical and inspirational mentoring from 29 award-winning business owners (who have created over £2bn of wealth between them and share hundreds of years front-line business experience)